User guide


This window allows you to create a new user for the website


Enter your first name. (Mandatory)


Enter your last name. (Mandatory)


Enter the name of the company you work for. (Optional)


Choose the country where you are based from the drop-down menu. (Mandatory)


Enter your e-mail address. Please enter a valid e-mail address as this will be used to contact you with a password in case you have forgotten it. (Mandatory)


Enter a user name that you wish to use for PINTO. (Mandatory) Note: After registration it is not possible to change you user name any more.


Enter the password you wish to use to have access to PINTO. (Mandatory)


This is the “confirm password” field: Here you must re-enter the same password as entered in the “password” field. (Mandatory)


You must agree to the terms of use to create a user account. You can view the terms of use by clicking on the link.


By clicking on the button you will create your user account. If there is an error in the registration process you will be asked to correct the errors. An error message will appear above the field causing the error.

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