Privacy Policy

What is PINTO?

PINTO (Patent Information and Transparency On-line) is an on-line database that has been created with the aim of improving transparency regarding the patent status of plant varieties. Its primary goal is to allow breeders to make a more informed choice when deciding on the varieties to be used in a breeding program.

About the Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy describes how and when personal information is collected from you by ESA via the PINTO database and how and for what purposes such information may be used. When creating your personal account to become a registered user of the PINTO database you agree that the personal information you provide therein will be handled and used for the purposes and in the manner as described in the present Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy forms an integral of the PINTO Terms of Use

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Collection of Your Personal Information

As indicated in the PINTO Terms of Use, access to the search function of the PINTO database is only possible through a personal account. However, some information about PINTO, such as the Terms of Use, User Guide or other general information, is accessible without any registration.

When creating your personal account to become a registered user of PINTO you are requested to provide the following pieces of personal information: your name (first and last name); your company; your country; your username; your password and your email address. All these pieces of information, with the exception of the company, have to be provided to validly create an account.

Modifying Your Personal Information

If you are a registered user of PINTO, the necessary tools and account settings are provided allowing you to access or modify the personal information you provided to ESA when you created your account. In particular, you can change any piece of personal information you provided under the menu point “Edit your account” and you can change your password under the menu point “Change your password”.

You can also permanently delete your PINTO account under the menu point “Delete your account” and by clicking on “Delete”. If you execute this action your account will be deleted immediately and all data connected to your account will be lost. It will not be retrievable either for you or for the PINTO database administrator.

To see the detailed instructions how to execute one or the other actions to modify your personal information please see the User Guide.

Use of Your Personal Information

Some of the information you provide when creating your account, such as your name, e-mail address, username and password are necessary for the software operating PINTO to create and run a valid account for each user. The information concerning your company and country is collected for statistical reasons, and in particular for being able to assess whether users of PINTO are primarily Europe-based or not. This information is therefore used exclusively to estimate the interest in PINTO and to consider future extension of the service beyond Europe.

The e-mail address you provide when creating your account is exclusively used by the PINTO database administrator (ESA) for sending you any up-dates or information concerning PINTO itself or for sending you any information that may be relevant for your use of PINTO.

All personal information you provide when creating your PINTO account, with the exception of your password, is accessible exclusively to the PINTO database administrator, is handled in full confidentiality and is used exclusively for the purposes described above, under the section “Collection of Your Personal Information”.

Your password is accessible exclusively to you. If you forget your password, you have to click on “log in” and then click on the question “Forgot your password?”. Via this action the software operating the PINTO database will randomly create a new password for you which will allow you to access your PINTO account. You can continue using this password however you are recommended to change it to a more personal one.

The personal information you provide when creating your PINTO account is under no circumstances disclosed to any third party.

Changes to the Present Privacy Policy

ESA reserves the right to revise the present Privacy Policy from time to time. The latest effective version of the Privacy Policy will govern the use of your information and will always be available on the PINTO website. Any modification of the present Privacy Policy and notification of such modification will take place in accordance with point 3 of Section III.A of the PINTO Terms of Use.

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